This is our incredible asian leopard cat. He is breathtaking in everyway. I think the pictures speak for themselves ;-)
Elias has also made such a huge contribution to the bengal breed. He has offspring down to F-4 (SBT) generation.
His kittens have and contiune to make such an impact in peoples lives. They are legendary and more than we could have ever hoped or wished for.
Some examples, but not limited to what his offspring have done are :
they have gone to further the bengal breed, making amazing pets/companions for families big and small, an unbelieve f-1 therapy cat,
print work, clicker trained, harness trained, etc.
Elias' looks and endearing temperment are stamped on his babies and grand babies for many generations.
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do :-)
I would like to thank all the breeders, friends and families out there that have Elias' offspring,
for sharing / helping make an example of how amazing these cats can really be and being a special part of our lives.

*Not all cats on premises, some pictures  used as a reference*

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